P.U. Regional Centre - Ludhiana

Students Notices

1. 01/07/2022Summer School-2022
2. 28/06/2022Award of Prem Chand Kahani Pruskar Silver Medal for the year 2021
3. 28/06/2022Award in memory of Late Shri Shiv Kumar Batalvi
4. 24/06/2022Admission Notice for Master of Laws (2 years), UIL, PURC, Ludhiana
5. 16/06/2022List of Shortage of Lectures BALLB (Hons) students
6. 15/06/2022Shortage of Lectures of LLB 2nd sem June, 2022
7. 02/06/2022Notice regarding Exams, End semester & Condonation of LLB 2nd semester June, 2022
8. 01/06/2022Regarding the inviting the application for the award of Post Matric Scholarships to the scheduled caste students for the year 2022-23
9. 31/05/2022Regarding (most urgent) undertaking to be submitted by students covered under Post Matric Scholarship Punjab Scheme PMS are required to submit relevant proforma till 8-6-2022 in the office
10. 30/05/2022Notice for NRI students regarding appearing for the upcoming offline examinations the month of June, 2022
11. 19/05/2022Rules for condonation of Lectures
12. 19/05/2022Notice for hostel admission
13. 13/05/2022Notice regarding pms students who got the benefit under pms scheme
14. 10/05/2022Notice for Hostel Room Allotment
15. 04/05/2022Notice for Hostel Accommodation
16. 28/04/2022Application form for Network User Registration
17. 26/04/2022Notice regarding Hostel accommodation
18. 18/04/2022Notice regarding Hostel accommodation
19. 11/04/2022Award of 25 Late Dewan Som Nath Scholarship 400/- pm each and 10 Late Radha Krishan Prem Kaur Stipends 150/ pm each for 10 month for the year 2021-2022
20. 17/03/2022Notice regarding to fill the Examination forms of LLM, LLB and BALLB to be held in July, 2022.
21. 16/03/2022reg. the classes of LL.M 2 semester, LL.B 2nd semester & BA.LL.B (Hons) 6th semester shall start functioning normally w.e.f. 17th March 2022
22. 15/03/2022Scholarship for girls from North-Eastern States
23. 15/03/2022Circular regrding Higher studies
24. 15/03/2022Circular regarding technical textbook Award-2021
25. 09/03/2022Notice for students
26. 08/03/2022Regarding Even Semesters Examination Forms Schedule of June 2022
27. 03/03/2022Notice for Hostel accommodation
28. 03/03/2022Notice regarding vaccination
29. 03/03/2022Notice for BALLB(Hons.) 5 year classes
30. 03/03/2022Notice for LLM 2 year classes
31. 02/03/2022Admit Card s LLM 1st Semester
32. 02/03/2022Notice Regarding Reopend the PMS portal till 05/03/2022.
33. 28/02/2022Internal Assessment of BALLB 1st semester 2021-22
34. 24/02/2022Revised Internal Assessment of LLB 3rd sem December, 2021
35. 23/02/2022Regarding to submit the hard copies of fee receipts (i.e. Registrar and Director A/c) for the Audit of the session 2021-22.
36. 22/02/2022Students who will apply for the hostel accommodation, shall submit an undertaking
37. 22/02/2022Notice regarding submission of certificate of both doses of the vaccine for offline classes.
38. 21/02/2022Revised Internal Assessment of LLB 3rd sem Dec. 2021-22
39. 21/02/2022 Revised lnternal Assessment of LLB 1st Sem 2021-22
40. 17/02/2022BA.LLB (Hons) 5 year Course 2nd semester (even Semester) are commencing (through online mode) from 26th Feb 2022
41. 17/02/2022Mrs. & Dr. V.S. Puri Scholarship @ Rs. 200/- p.m. for 10 months for the year 2021-22
42. 17/02/2022Notice for Reopening of Amrita Shergil Girls' Hostel, PURC, Ludhiana
43. 10/02/2022Notice of discrepancy in document of PMS scheme of BALLB 3rd sem for the session 2021-22
44. 10/02/2022Classes of LL.B 3 year course (even semester) are commencing w.e.f 11th Feb 2022
45. 10/02/2022Internal Assessment moot court BALLB(Hons.) 9th Semester Examination December 2021
46. 09/02/2022Internal Assessment of LLB 3rd semester December, 2021.
47. 09/02/2022Admit Cards of BALLB (hons)1st semester for examination December 2021
48. 09/02/2022Internal Assessment of LLB 5th semester December, 2021.
49. 09/02/2022Internal Assessment of LLB 1st semester December, 2021.
50. 09/02/2022Internal assessment of LLM 3rd sem
51. 09/02/2022Internal Assessment BALLB(Hons.) 9th Semester Examination December 2021
52. 09/02/2022Internal Assessment BALLB(Hons.) 7th Semester Examination December 2021
53. 09/02/2022Internal Assessment BALLB(Hons.) 5th Semester Examination December 2021
54. 09/02/2022Internal Assessment BALLB(Hons.) 3rd Semester Examination December 2021
55. 09/02/2022Notice regarding (excess fee) as late fee submitted by LLB 1st semester session 2021-22.
56. 08/02/2022Notice regarding (excess fee)as late fee submitted by BALLB 1st semester
57. 31/01/2022Notice regarding undertaking of Account No and IFSC code of PMS
58. 28/01/2022Notice regarding to submit the original documents in UIL, PURC, Ludhiana.
59. 25/01/2022Notice regarding end semester of BALLB 1st semester session 2021-22.
60. 24/01/2022Roll Nos. of LLB 1st semester Dec.-Jan. 2021-22
61. 21/01/2022Admit Cards of BALLB (hons)9th semester for examination December 2021
62. 21/01/2022Admit cards of BALLB (hons) 7th semester for Examination december 2021
63. 21/01/2022Roll nos LLB 3rd Sem
64. 21/01/2022Admit cards of BALLB(hons) 5th semester for examination December 2021
65. 21/01/2022BALLB 3rd Semester Roll Nos.
67. 21/01/2022LLM 3rd sem roll nos.
68. 21/01/2022Extension of last date to submit students’ Registration Returns along with original documen
69. 20/01/2022MBA 3rd Sem Roll Nos.
70. 20/01/2022Roll nos. MBA 1st semester
71. 19/01/2022MST Date sheet of LLM 1st sem
72. 18/01/2022Notice regarding end semester of LLB 1st semester session 2021-22.
73. 18/01/2022Date Sheet of Mid Semester Test of BALLB 1st semester session 2021-22
74. 18/01/2022Regarding the examination of LLB 1st sem. commencing from 28th January, 2022.
75. 14/01/2022Helpline numbes
76. 14/01/2022Soft Copy of Answer Sheet - 24 Pages
77. 14/01/2022LL.B 5TH SEMESTER - INSTRUCTIONS FOR STUDENTS online examination
78. 14/01/2022Roll Nos. of LLB 5th semester session December-January 2021-22
79. 14/01/2022Press release regarding PG and UG examination
80. 13/01/2022Regarding internet/online allowance
81. 12/01/2022Examination Notice of BALLB 1st Semester & LLM 1st Semester
82. 12/01/2022Notice of Internal assessment
83. 12/01/2022Notice regarding balance fee submission of PMS students for session 2020-21.
84. 11/01/2022Regarding the examination of LLB 5th sem commencing from 15th January, 2022.
85. 10/01/2022Moot notice of BALLB 9th semester 2021
86. 03/01/2022Award of Two Scholarship @ 400/- p.m. out of the Panjab University Soldier's Relief fund for the year 2021-2022
87. 03/01/2022Award of late Sh. Pritam Nath & Mrs Ram Piari Scholarship 500p.m. for the year 2021-2022.
88. 03/01/2022Award of '25' Late Dewan Som Nath Scholarship @400 & '10' Late Radha Krishan Prem Kaur Stipends 150/- p.m. for the year 2021-2022
89. 29/12/2021Notice regarding late fee submission for all courses ongoing 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th for the session 2021-22
90. 29/12/2021Regarding Notice for 2nd Installment fees-2021-22
91. 28/12/2021Information regarding date of PMS Forms
92. 30/11/2021Option notice for even semesters for session 2021-22 of all courses
93. 29/11/2021Notice for online classes of LLM 1st Sem from 30-11-2021
94. 26/11/2021Notice for PMS documents
95. 26/11/2021Notice for Economically weaker scholarship applications
96. 24/11/2021Circular regarding Merit-cum-Means Scholarship schemes under National E-Scholarship Portal for the year 2021-22
97. 15/11/2021Migration counselling schedule of LL.B 3 year course , session 2021-22
98. 15/11/2021To apply online on National Scholarship Portal under Merit-cum-Means based scholarship Scheme by minority communities students of professional and technical courses for the session 2021-2022.
99. 10/11/2021Circular regarding Scholarship schemes under National E-Scholarship Portal for the year 2021-22
100. 10/11/2021Notice for LLB, BALLB and LLM students
101. 28/10/2021 Notice Legal Aid project of BALLB 9th Semester students
102. 19/10/2021Regarding starting of online classes of LLB 1st semester session 2021-22
103. 08/09/2021Guidelines for Post Matric Scholarship for SC students 2020-21 to 2025-26
104. 06/09/2021Name and contact Nos. of the Coordinators at UIL, PURC, Ludhiana
105. 02/09/2021Scholarship schemes under National E-Scholarship portal for the year 2021-22
106. 01/09/2021Guidelines of online PMS Scheme for SC of Punjab (2021-22)
107. 31/08/2021Notice for Migration LLB 3year and BALLB 5Year course
108. 23/08/2021PMS Norms/ Guidelines for SC students of Punjab State
109. 20/08/2021Director Fee Notice
110. 10/08/2021Fees Notice ongoing classes 2021-22
111. 06/08/2021Roll Nos. LLM 2nd Semester
112. 06/08/2021Roll Nos. BALLB 2nd Semester
113. 21/07/2021Roll Nos LLB 2nd semester
114. 16/07/2021Roll Nos. LLM 4th Semester
115. 07/07/2021Roll nos. LLB 6th Semester
116. 07/07/2021Roll nos. LLB 4th Semester
117. 02/07/2021Roll nos. BALLB 4th Semester
118. 30/06/2021Roll Nos. of BALLB 6th semester
119. 28/06/2021Roll nos. BALLB 8th Semester
120. 20/06/2021Admit Cards MBA 4th semester
121. 20/06/2021Admit Cards MBA 2nd semester
122. 19/06/2021Roll Nos. BALLB 10TH Semester
123. 23/04/2021Roll Nos. BALLB 1st semester 2020-21
124. 23/04/2021Roll Nos. LLM 1st semester 2020-21
125. 15/04/2021End semester notice for LLM 1st sem and BALLB 1st sem
126. 06/04/2021Internal Assessment LLB 5th Semester, December-2020
127. 06/04/2021Internal Assessment LLB 3rd Semester, December-2020
128. 06/04/2021Internal Assessment LLB 1st Semester, December-2020
129. 06/04/2021Circular/ Guidelines COVID-19 teaching/non-teaching, students, research scholars etc.
130. 05/04/2021Internal Assessment BALLB 9th Semester, December-2020
131. 05/04/2021Internal Assessment BALLB 7th Semester, December-2020
132. 05/04/2021Internal Assessment BALLB 5th Semester, December-2020
133. 05/04/2021Internal Assessment BALLB 3rd Semester, December-2020
134. 04/04/2021Viva voce notice BALLB 9th semester
135. 01/04/2021Notice for MST of BALLB 1st semester and LLM 1st semester
136. 30/03/2021Notice for Term Paper LLM 2 year course
137. 26/03/2021Online Viva voce of dissertation for session 2018-19 on 30 March 2021 at 1.30 p.m.
138. 15/03/2021Notice of Scholarship for SC/ OBC students session-2020-21
139. 12/03/2021Admit Cards LLB 1st semester
140. 05/03/2021Notice of End Semester for LLB 1st Semester
141. 16/02/2021Admit Cards LLB 5th Semester Examination February 2021
142. 15/02/2021Internal Assessment MBA 3rd sem May-2020
143. 15/02/2021Internal Assessment MBA 1st sem May 2020
144. 14/02/2021E-mail id for submission of scanned Answer Sheets (pdf file) for students of LLM, LLB and BALLB courses online examination February/ March 2021
145. 13/02/2021Admit cards BALLB 9th sem Examination February 2021
146. 13/02/2021Admit cards BALLB 7th sem Examination February 2021
147. 13/02/2021Admit cards BALLB 5th sem Examination February 2021
148. 13/02/2021Admit cards BALLB 3rd sem Examination February 2021
149. 13/02/2021Admit cards LLB 3rd sem Examination February 2021
150. 13/02/2021Admit cards LLM 3rd sem Examination February 2021
151. 26/01/2021Merit List of LLB and BALLB Students for Migration
152. 25/01/2021Online migration counselling schedule of LLB 3year course & BALLB 5 Year course session 2020-21
154. 16/01/2021Notice for Alumni
155. 16/01/2021Alumni form submitted
156. 16/01/2021Notice for Alumni
157. 16/01/2021Proforma for best Alumni Award
158. 14/01/2021Migration Notice for LLB and BALLB
159. 06/01/2021Notice for examination session for May-2020
160. 16/12/2020Examination notice
161. 10/12/2020Notice for Online Counseling Schedule of LL.M 2 year course, session 2020-21
162. 09/12/2020Post Matric Scholarship Form
163. 09/12/2020Fees Notice for LLB 3 year 1st Semester 2020-21
164. 07/12/2020Date Sheet MBA 1st Sem Examination December-2020
165. 20/11/2020Guidelines for Merit-cum-Means Scholarship Under National Scholarship Portal 2020-21
166. 19/10/2020Notice of Examination fees-Law
167. 19/10/2020Notice of Examination fees MBA
168. 24/09/2020Fees noticeLLM, LLB and BALB students
169. 17/09/2020Pattern for attempting question paper for online examination w.e.f. 17-09-2020
170. 17/09/2020Notice regarding Answer sheets
171. 15/09/2020Notice regarding offline paper
172. 15/09/2020Notice regarding Examination September 2020
173. 15/09/2020Notice regarding Admit cards (Roll Nos.)
174. 14/09/2020Admit Card LLM 4th Semester
175. 14/09/2020Admit Card MBA 4th Semester
176. 14/09/2020Admit Card LLB 6th Semester
177. 14/09/2020Admit Card BA LLB 10th Semester
178. 11/09/2020Notice
179. 10/09/2020Notice MBA, LLM, LLB & BALLB
180. 09/09/2020Attendance chart of MBA 2nd& 4th sem 17 to 31 August 2020
181. 09/09/2020Attendance chart MBA 1st & 3rd sem August 2020
182. 07/09/2020Information pertaining to deposit of tuition fee in the current semester
183. 07/09/2020Information pertaining to deposit of tuition fee in the current semester
184. 05/09/2020Fees structure 5th Year 2020-21
185. 05/09/2020Fees structure 4th Year 2020-21
186. 05/09/2020Fees structure 3rd Year 2020-21
187. 05/09/2020Fees structure 2nd Year 2020-21
188. 01/09/2020Guidelines for promotion to next semester for students of ongoing classes
189. 31/08/2020Notice Guidelines Admission 2020-21
190. 28/08/2020Migration Notice 2020-21
191. 26/08/2020Guidelines of Post Matric Scholarship for SC/ST students 2020-21
192. 17/08/2020Notice - extension of fee depositing date
193. 07/08/2020Detail of Fees ongoing classes
194. 07/08/2020Admission Form 2020-21
195. 07/08/2020Fees notice MBA 3rd sem
196. 28/07/2020Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for SC/ST students 2020-21
197. 23/07/2020Revised Internal Assessment LLB 6th sem May-2020
198. 23/07/2020Revised Internal Assessment LLB 4th sem May-2020
199. 23/07/2020Revised Internal Assessment LLB 3 YEAR 2nd sem May-2020
200. 22/07/2020Revised Internal Assessment BALLB 10th sem May-2020
201. 22/07/2020Revised Internal Assessment BALLB 8th sem May-2020
202. 22/07/2020Revised Internal Assessment BALLB 6th sem May-2020
203. 22/07/2020Revised Internal Assessment BALLB 4th sem May-2020
204. 22/07/2020 Revised Internal Assessment BALLB 2nd sem May-2020
205. 24/06/2020Internal Assessment BALLB 10th sem May-2020
206. 24/06/2020Internal Assessment BALLB 8th sem May-2020
207. 24/06/2020Internal Assessment BALLB 6th sem May-2020
208. 24/06/2020Internal Assessment BALLB 4th sem May-2020
209. 24/06/2020Internal Assessment BALLB 2nd sem May-2020
210. 24/06/2020Internal Assessment LLB 6th sem May-2020
211. 24/06/2020Internal Assessment LLM 2nd and 4th sem May-2020
212. 24/06/2020Internal Assessment LLB 4th sem May-2020
213. 24/06/2020Internal Assessment LLB 3 YEAR 2nd sem May-2020
214. 23/06/2020Internal Assessment MBA 4th sem May-2020
215. 23/06/2020Internal Assessment MBA 2nd sem May-2020
216. 07/04/2020Notice regarding award of online Degrees/DMCs
217. 07/04/2020Notice - Information regarding examination and admission
218. 16/01/2020Schedule of Entrance Test-2020
219. 13/03/2019Urgent Notice
220. 15/01/2019Invitation for Convocation-2019
221. 14/01/2019Disseration Notice LLM students
222. 08/01/2019Notice for Convocation-2018-19
223. 01/01/2019Notice for Convocation
224. 20/11/2018Notice -provisionally selected candidates for migration
225. 16/11/2018Notice for BALLB 5 year classes
226. 16/11/2018Rules for condonation of lectures for attendance
227. 01/11/2018Notice for waiting list of BALLB 3rd Sem
228. 01/11/2018Revised waiting list of BALLB 3rd Sem-2018-19
229. 30/10/2018Notice for migration
230. 25/10/2018Notice for migration BALLB 5 year (5th Semester)
231. 23/10/2018Notice for option proforma
232. 23/10/2018Undertaken for option proforma
233. 04/10/2018Attendance rules for students
234. 04/10/2018Notice regarding attendance rules
235. 02/02/2018Proforma for Medical Leave
236. 22/01/2018Notice for Classes
237. 19/01/2018Notice regarding AVSAR-2018
238. 19/09/2017Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship for SC students

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