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Notice Board/Circulars

101/11/2017Lecture Statement of B.A.LLB - July-2017
201/11/2017Lecture Statement of LLB - July-2017
301/11/2017Lecture Statement of B.A.LLB - August-2017
401/11/2017Lecture Statement of LLB - August-2017
520/07/2017Attendance rules to be implemented from academic Session-2017-18
621/04/2017Attendance chart of BALLB 10th Sem, March, 2017
721/04/2017Attendance chart of BALLB 8th Sem, March, 2017
821/04/2017Attendance chart of BALLB 6th Sem, March, 2017
921/04/2017Attendance chart of BALLB 4th Sem, March, 2017
1021/04/2017Attendance chart of BALLB 2nd Sem, March, 2017
1119/04/2017Attendance chart of LLB 6th Sem, March, 2017
1219/04/2017Attendance chart of LLB 4th Sem, March, 2017
1319/04/2017Attendance chart of LLB 2nd Sem, March, 2017
1417/03/2017Lecture statement LLM 4th Sem Feb, 2017
1517/03/2017Lecture statement LLM 2nd Sem Feb, 2017
1617/03/2017Lecture statement LLB 6th Sem Feb, 2017
1717/03/2017Lecture statement LLB 4th Sem Feb, 2017
1817/03/2017Lecture statement LLB 2nd Sem Feb, 2017
1917/03/2017Lecture statement BALLB 10th Sem Feb, 2017
2017/03/2017Lecture statement BALLB 8th Sem Feb, 2017
2117/03/2017Lecture statement BALLB 6th Sem Feb, 2017
2217/03/2017Lecture statement BALLB 4th Sem Feb, 2017
2317/03/2017Lecture statement BALLB 2nd Sem Feb, 2017
2414/03/2017Attendance Chart of MBA 4th Sem till February-2017 UBS, PURC, Ludhiana
2514/03/2017Attendance Chart of MBA 2nd Sem till February-2017 UBS, PURC, Ludhiana
2616/02/2017Attendance Chart of MBA 4th Sem till January-2017 UBS, PURC, Ludhiana
2716/02/2017Attendance Chart of MBA 2nd Sem till January-2017 UBS, PURC, Ludhiana
2815/02/2017Lecture statement of LLM, LLB & BALLB for the month of Jan, 2017
2919/10/2016Attendance charat of MBA 3rd Sem for the month of Sep, 2016 UBS, PURC, Ludhiana
3019/10/2016Attendance charat of MBA 1st Sem for the month of Sep, 2016 UBS, PURC, Ludhiana
3104/10/2016Lecture statement LLB 5th Sem Jul-Aug 2016
3204/10/2016Lecture statement LLB 3rd Sem Jul-Aug 2016
3304/10/2016Lecture statement LLB 1st Sem Jul-Aug 2016
3404/10/2016Lecture statement BALLB 9th Sem Jul-Aug 2016
3504/10/2016Lecture statement BALLB 7th Sem Jul-Aug 2016
3604/10/2016Lecture statement BALLB 5th Sem Jul-Aug 2016
3704/10/2016Lecture statement BALLB 3rd Sem Jul-Aug 2016
3804/10/2016Lecture statement BALLB 1st Sem Jul-Aug 2016
3919/09/2016Attendance charat for the month of Aug, 2016 UBS, PURC, Ludhiana
4019/10/2015REVISED - Attendance of MBA 3rd Sem till September, 2015
4116/10/2015Attendance of MBA 1st Sem till September, 2015
4216/10/2015Attendance of MBA 3rd Sem till September, 2015
4321/09/2015Attendance of MBA 3rd Sem till August, 2015
4417/09/2015Attendance of MBA 1st Sem till August, 2015

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